The PROACTIVE Seller Service Pledge

We, at PROACTIVE Real Estate, hereby commit to consistently performing the following duties as part of our dedication to successfully brokering a sale for you, our clients:

  • Display a professional presentation including high quality photography, drone pictures, and a 3D floorplan performed by a professional photographer.
  • Assure synchronization across all of the aggressive marketing platforms provided by PROACTIVE Real Estate, as well as self-promotional efforts.
  • Provide, at minimum, a weekly market update via phone as well as internet traffic reports via email. Feedback for each showing will be provided.
  • Respond to all leads captured for the subject property and any REALTOR inquires within 30 minutes.
  • Leverage the over 200 years of combined Holden Beach real estate experience at PROACTIVE Real Estate to employ the most advanced negotiating skills available in Holden Beach.
  • Provide market transparency to assure the subject property remains competitive in today's complex market.
  • Maintain a detailed data sheet to answer most logistical and mechanical questions, allowing showings to focus on the home and location.
  • Thoroughly process the transaction to closing and assure all utilities are transferred.

We hereby certify and agree to the above terms. Thank you for the opportunity to work for you.

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