At PROACTIVE Vacations we are committed to providing top notch customer service, transparency, clear communication and dependable follow-through.  We treat each of our homes as an individual business, providing a personalized business plan approach for maximizing profitability.  We understand the importance of our fiduciary responsibility to our homeowners, as their representative, as well as our role in preserving the integrity of each property while providing outstanding customer service to our guests. 

With close to 100 vacation properties, PROACTIVE Vacations is growing strong. We are always open to the individual & unique requests of our homeowners as we work in partnership to assure that their home is presented in it’s very best light.  We are always available to our homeowners and guests to provide prompt emergency response, timely attention to maintenance needs and other concerns. 

Want to hear how we're doing from our guest. We have tons of reviews from vacationers that have trusted us with ensuring there vacation was perfect. If you own a house on the island or know somebody that does, tell them to call Greg Isenhour, our property manager, to see how we can help them! Greg's number is (910) 842-1550. You can view all our rentals at: