Point 2 Homes and PROACTIVE Real Estate

Point 2 Homes and PROACTIVE have been very active on the Internet. Point 2 Homes, a leading website for people that are searching for a home, have linked to our website our 1500 times! This amount of links means we have been dominating with our online presence. As many know, having an online presence is incredibly important in today's world to be able to compete with competitors. 

Most people looking for real estate do so online now. PROACTIVE understands this and that is why we cater to new technology and trends. We like to keep up with the times and what our customers are doing. That is why we are actively posting to all our social media and constantly checking our analytics to see how we can improve. 

Knowing all this, PROACTIVE Real Estate actively markets your property for you, blasts it all across the web to effectively get your property sold. This is how PROACTIVE stays connected and and insight into what we are doing and how we are doing it effectively.