North and South Carolina Flooding | Flash Floods

North and South Carolina have experienced some of the worst flooding in years. Flash floods have been reported all over South Carolina and in South East North Carolina. On top of the Hurricane that is passing by, these areas have been receiving rain for almost the past week. The rain is not expected to stop until tomorrow on Tuesday. Even then, residents and locals will have to deal with the aftermath of a terrible storm. 

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley confirmed 9 fatalities related to the storm and aftermath at a press conference around noon today. Roads that are closed in South Carolina now tally up to around 550 and about 26,000 residents are without power across the state. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency due to the extreme conditions and flash floods. In some parts, there was over 2 feet of rain coming down. This has caused many different buildings to be submerged under water, including some in Brunswick Plantation near the SC/NC border. 

Government officials and law enforcement are urging residents to stay inside where it is safe until the weather permits and the roads are back open. Remember to watch out for still and running water and to not drive through it. Do not drive at night for this makes it harder to spot water in the roads which could create a very dangerous situation. 

Event though these floods and flash floods have caused much damage that has been reported across the state, always look at the bright side of every situation. It could've been much worse.